Valid Markup

Search engines rely on valid markup to crawl and index web pages. Without "valid markup", we compromise the overall quality of a site, making it difficult for spiders and crawlers to do their job. I insist on using valid markup in order to present unhindered yet completely accessible pages to ensure that users find what they are looking for on all web sites.

Clean Design

A "clean design" provides a user with exactly what they need, to do whatever it is they came to do. It makes no sense to give them anything other than THAT. I excel at providing users with the best tools to gather information quickly without hindering a call to action. This approach has provided clients and site users with the greatest in clean design.

Killer Features

Killer features are additional tools that enhance a user-experience to the point where we actually make life easier while using a web site. Using languages like JavaScript and jQuery we remain committed to wooing users with awe-inspiring effects and design. The list of "killer features" is too extensive to list here, so check out the portfolio!

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