Web Design and Development

SEO |Search Engine Optimization

Before writing any bytes of code we will work digently together in order to devise a plan for design, which is unique to your organization. This design will include several features, allowing your users to interact with the site. Your company will be represented professionally with a thoughtful layout that is user-freindly and ultimately functional.

  • Custom web site design and development
  • Joomla! and Wordpress Blog designs
  • Engaging user interfaces
  • Integrated search engine optimization strategy
  • Social Media outlets
  • and much more!

The technologies available to us today allow us to create rich and engagng web applications targeted to any number of audiences and users. Each of those user-groups can have undoubtedly different needs. It is with those needs in mind that we target your users and provide them with the best internet experience possible.

Responsive Email Development

SEO |Search Engine Optimization

I've taken on the laborious job of building a responsive email library. The templates render consistently across more than two dozen email clients and all modern browsers with fallback options for all others:

  • Render consistently
  • Supported by ALL major email clients
  • Subject line research and analysis
  • Fallback web page version
  • Measurable test results
  • Fully responsive

If you find your search engine optimization strategy to be ineffective, give me a call and let's talk about it. SEO rarely fails for something that was implemented. It always fails when something was not.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

SEO |Search Engine Optimization

Every site I build includes a standard SEO strategy. Several important factors need to take place with SEO and I see to it that the items listed are complete:

  • URL's will be relevant to content and structure
  • Site pages load fast...Less than 5 seconds
  • Effective and unique page titles
  • Navigation is user-friendly and search engine friendly
  • Web copy is optimized to include relevant business strategy keywords
  • Main point headings are methodically structured
  • Informative easy to read content
  • Search engine submission to ALL majors

If you find your search engine optimization strategy to be ineffective, give me a call and let's talk about it. SEO rarely fails for something that was implemented. It always fails when something was not.


SEO |Search Engine Optimization

Social media is an excellent way to network your site and hook up with users faster. If your product or service is useful then people will share it with everyone they know on Facebook, Twitter of whatever social outlet they use. Social marketing benefits:

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Reaches more users locally, nationally and globally
  • A venue for interacting with users
  • I integrate the site with social media accounts

One more marketing tactic we employ is press releases. Utilizing a well orchestrated press release will draw users to your site as soon as it goes public.


SEO |Search Engine Optimization

In many instances I am asked to take on an existing project that is in need of maintenance. I offer monthly maintenance plans based on your sites needs. In addition, I employ several software applications allowing me to test your sites usability and design while making informed decisions with how to proceed.

  • Backup copy of web site
  • Site usability testing
  • Content review and rewrite
  • Monthly SEO updates
  • Periodic W3C validation
  • Analytic monitoring software
  • Debugging

Your web site is an extension to your business. As such, it must be maintained much like any other brick and mortar location. Don't forget this when creating your site and always ask about a maintenance plan. Trends and technologies change constantly and you should always know that your site is being maintained professionally by someone with the skills and credentials to do so.

How it's Done

  • Analyze – It all begins with a thorough analysis of your existing site or the objectives for the new site. I will develop a solution that suits you and your business.

  • Design – Your site will be created using the latest and greatest in industry standard software. I choose to work with Adobe Creative Suites. Your imagination is the only limit .

  • Development – Using the most up-to-date methods in coding practices, your site will be developed to meet W3C Standards and Accessibility guidelines.

  • Keywords – Identifying the most relevant and specific keywords for your site is not only part of the business, its essential in finding your users.

  • Marketing – You can leave the SEO strategy to me. A certified and seasoned white-hat SEO, I have never missed a targeted audience.

  • Site Maintenance – Maintenance plans ensure your site remains up-to-date and usability software allows us to make informed decisions regarding site users.