Credit Due to Those Who Inspire...

A BIG thanks to my friends at jQuery!

jQuery 1.5.2

Who dedicate themselves to inevitably allowing me to "Do more" while I "write less" code. That seems to be such an under statement but the reality of the matter is, jQuery has changed the way I design sites and ultimately the way I further develop them, too!

Position is Everything

Using Conditional Comments and Zoom to Fix IE/Win

I owe this thanks to Big John at Position is Everything. So, what is this? It's using conditional comments to feed versions of IE "has layout" to correct float induced bugs. Thank you oh so much for providing the information in plain English. An incredibly easy fix to overcome another IE inferiority.

PM Design

Pawel Martuszewski Design

Pawel has been a great inspiration to me over the last few years. From the time he received a loosely scripted email that he thought came from a child, until now. Whenever I need options, inspiration, ideas and help with writing good clean and valid coding, Pawel has always made himself available. He truly epitomizes what the web is built on and his committment to standards and accessibility are second to none. Thanks Pawel!

The Great Talent of Zurb

Orbit Image Slide Show

The "design for people" people! These guys crank out code like it was going out of style! Thanks to the Orbit Slideshow Plugin, I was able to provide a more dynamic display of my projects site wide. Additonally, this plugin is well supported with documentation. Furthermore, the plugin is highly customizable, which allows us all to make it our own and better blend it to our own unique designs. Well done guys!